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As a qualified medical cannabis patient or caregiver unjustly accused of a marijuana charge, you need a lawyer with experience in handling these types of cases. Vera Law Office has experience in handling all types of criminal cases related to the use and cultivation of medical cannabis and we believe that no one should face criminal charges for simply caring for themselves and their loved ones.

We are experienced at handling all types of criminal accusations related to the medical use of cannabis including:

  • Illegal cultivation
  • Transportation
  • Possession for sales
  • Possession of hashish
  • Driving under the influence of marijuana

Although the laws in California related to both the recreational use of marijuana and the use of medical cannabis have been favorably changing over recent years, often the culture of local police departments and their detectives have not kept up with the times.  Local agents have continued investigating, raiding, and arresting qualified patients on suspicion of criminal activity. The penalties for some offenses related to medical cannabis and for possession of other similar drugs can be very severe. We can help. Get Vera Law on your side and we will fight relentlessly to get you acquitted or your charges dropped or reduced.

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