Faced with domestic violence charges in California? We can help.

Domestic violence charges are serious. If convicted, you may have to attend mandatory batterers treatment, be banned from owning a weapon, lose your job, your housing or if you are an immigrant, even your legal residency status.  Perhaps worst of all, you could be required to avoid contact with the other party and your children.

Unfortunately, domestic violence charges are complex and difficult to traverse. Once an arrest has been made and charges filed, the case will proceed, even if the accuser withdraws the charges; only the State of California can drop the case. That’s why it’s so important that you get help from the very beginning from an experienced San Francisco Bay Area criminal defense lawyer.
Oakland-Fairfield based attorney Francisco J. Vera can help. He knows how to investigate your case to find witness inconsistencies and possible ulterior motives, things that may end up in a dismissal of your case. Also, since domestic violence charges also involve other collateral family law issues that most criminal defense lawyers are not equipped to handle, our office is uniquely positioned to fight with you in all aspects of your case.

Get Vera Law Office on your side at the start so we can skillfully and aggressively defend you until the end.
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